Hire A Custom Metal Fabricator To Build You These Furniture Items

Posted on: 13 March 2017

If you're passionate about decorating the rooms throughout your home in a highly specific manner, you may spend considerable time browsing stores and scouring the Internet to find the unique furniture pieces that suit your sense of style. In some cases, this search may prove fruitless, making you wonder how to proceed. If you have the budget, partnering with a skilled professional to design and build custom furniture can give you exactly what you want. If you're into a modern or industrial look, a custom metal fabrication shop may be the right partner for these items. Here are some pieces of furniture that your custom fabricator may be able to build.

End Tables

End tables are a valuable addition to any living area. Having these pieces of furniture built in metal can be appealing for reasons beyond your design sense. For example, if your living room is on the smaller side, end tables that essentially consist of a metal frame — instead of a bulky, wooden box — will have an open feel that helps to make the space feel less cluttered. The custom metal end tables can be finished in a size and style you like, and you can visit a custom glass shop to have a piece of glass cut for the top of each table.

Kitchen Island

Metal also works well as the material for a kitchen island, so if you enjoy a modern look to this part of your home, a custom metal fabrication shop will be able to make the island that suits the space perfectly. The island can have an open concept or be equipped with a series of racks on which to stack pots and pans. You may even wish to have the fabricator build metal hooks to hang pans and other kitchen items. You can either choose a flat metal surface, or add your own tiles and grout after the fact.

Kitchen Table

In keeping with the modern or industrial theme in your kitchen, a custom metal kitchen table can be the perfect focal point. Your fabricator can build the table to your exact size requirements, as well as build a center support or legs in each corner, based on your design ideas. If you don't want the kitchen to have a metal top, you can then contact a custom woodworking shop to build you a wooden top that can be attached to the top of the metal table frame.


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