3 Simplified Steps For Preparing For Your New Water Well Drilling Project

Posted on: 17 April 2017

That old well may have served its purpose for long enough for your property, but eventually, there may come a time when it must be replaced. A long time ago, having a well installed was a drawn-out process that took a while to complete. Thankfully, the well-drilling process is easy enough to achieve these days thanks to the modern professionals and equipment available. However, preparing for a well-drilling project is the best way to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Take a quick look at these simple steps to help you get prepared for a well-drilling project on your property. 

Make sure the location is fully accessible. 

During a well-drilling project, you can expect to see some pretty large equipment brought onto the property. Therefore, the contractor will have to have an access point and room to move so they can get to the location. If you have a perimeter fence, it may be a good idea to temporarily take down a section for easy access. If the only way to the designated area is across your primary residential yard, make sure you move any lawn furniture, backyard toys, and vehicles so the equipment can be brought through the area. 

Temporarily relocate livestock and other animals. 

During the drilling process, it will be best if livestock is not around because the noise and commotion can be stressful for them. Plus, you don't want any of your livestock getting in the way of the project. Therefore, if the well will be installed in an area that you usually use for pasturing animals, it is best to pen them in the barn or relocate them to a different field temporarily. Likewise, it is best if you make arrangements for dogs that you may usually have loose on the property just to keep them out of harm's way. 

Make arrangements to be available during the drilling process. 

While the drilling project is underway and immediately after the project is completed, the contractor may need your advice or input, or they may need to share pertinent information about the well or drilling process. Therefore, it is best to be available while the well-drilling project is taking place. If you absolutely cannot be home, make sure you communicate with the contractor before the project starts and after to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get all the information you need. 

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