Questions To Ask Before Demolishing A Concrete Driveway

Posted on: 19 April 2017

Demolishing a concrete driveway can be a costly endeavor. To cut down on the expenses of installing a new driveway, some homeowners choose to demo the driveway themselves. Without careful planning though, injuries and damage to the ground could result in higher than expected expenses. If you are planning to demolish your driveway yourself, here are a few questions to answer before starting.  

Will You Save Money?

Ideally, demolishing your own driveway should help you save money, the cost can sometimes exceed what a contractor would charge to do the same work. There are various expenses you have to factor into your estimated costs before deciding to move forward with the demolition.  

For instance, you need the right tools to do the job. For starters, you need a sledge hammer, shovels, and wire and bolt cutters. You also need safety equipment for everyone that is involved in the project. Depending on the scope of the project, you could end up needing an excavator or other heavy equipment to get the concrete pieces removed.  

Most of the equipment can be rented, but there are some tools you will have to buy. If you are unsure of which tools will be needed, consider consulting with a contractor so you can get a better estimate of your costs.  

Where Are You Dumping the Pieces?

Even if your concrete driveway is the smallest size possible to fit a car, there is still going to be considerable waste from its destruction. You have the option of tossing the pieces bit by bit into your trash can and leaving it on the corner for the garbage truck, but it could take weeks or longer to get rid of all of it. You need a disposal strategy that allows you to get rid of the pieces in one move.  

One of the easiest methods of disposal available is to rent a dumpster. The dumpster would be dropped off by the company for you to fill. Once you have filled it, the company will pick it up again and dispose of the remains. Before calling for the dumpster, measure your driveway. A representative can help you determine the correct size needed for the project.  

Renting a dumpster is a good time to take advantage of other home improvement projects you have. You can even split the usage of the dumpster with a neighbor to cut down on the expense. Check out sites like for more information.


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