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Posted on: 24 April 2017

You may have heard of MIM parts when looking at guns or other tools. MIM stands for, metal injection molding. This is a process where powdered metals are mixed with a binder material that is easily handled by plastic processing equipment through injection molding processes. There are a lot of firearm forums on the internet that talk about how specific manufacturers of firearms will use MIM parts and how they are very high quality. This is truly the case, and it seems that a lot of these authors are doing great research to understand what MIM parts are. While there are a lot of different manufacturing methods, metal injection molding services provide a wonderful product, and this article is going to outline a few of the advantages of MIM parts.


When talking about metal injection molding it does need to be mentioned that there are a wide variety of alloys and metals that can be used to create MIM parts. The powdered metals that are used can range from high grade steel alloys and nickel alloys to really low quality aluminum alloys. When talking about the MIM parts that are used in firearms and other tools, only the highest of alloys is generally used. The high grade alloy is extremely strong and in many ways is stronger than the original metal by which it was created.


The metal injection molding process allows for a great deal of detail to be accomplished. Often the parts that are created with metal injection molding are going to be very small and detailed parts that need to be extremely strong. When the entire process is completed, even the parts with cross-drilled holes, threads and fins are going to be high quality. Often these parts are going to be stronger than if they had been machined by any other process. This is due to the metal, and the binding material that is used. 


The process of metal injection molding is actually a relatively inexpensive way to produce parts for different tools. The manufacturer is going to be able to save money while producing them, and therefore they will be able to pass that savings onto you. The quality of the parts are going to be extremely high, but the price will not be. This is exactly what you want when you are looking for a product, high quality but a reasonable price.

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