Caring For Outdoor Concrete Products

Posted on: 3 May 2017

Concrete is a material that can have a seemingly endless range of uses. For homeowners, it can be common for concrete to be used for sidewalks, lawn statues, and furniture. While these concrete items are designed to withstand the elements, you will still need to regularly care for them in order to avoid potentially serious issues.

Thoroughly Clean Surfaces

It can be common for people to assume that concrete tables and chairs will not require much maintenance. In fact, many homeowners may not even clean these items on a regular basis. Algae, moss, and other materials can grow on these surfaces, which can cause the concrete to weaken. You will want to thoroughly wash these items with a sponge. During this work, make sure that you clean the undersides of the furniture as this area can be an ideal location for moss and algae to grow due to the shade.

Seal Any Outdoor Concrete Surfaces

Whether it is a sidewalk, statues, or furniture items, concrete that is outside will need to be regularly sealed. A sealant will be able to stop water and other fluids from entering the interior pores of the concrete. This can be particularly damaging during the winter months as the water that makes it to the interior can freeze, which will cause it to dramatically expand in volume. The pressure from water freezing repeatedly can severely weaken the concrete over the course of a harsh winter. Typically, concrete sealants are effective for at least a couple of years, and you will want to make sure to write down each time you seal the concrete so you will be able to easily remember when this task needs to be done.

Limit the Spread of Cracks

Concrete is an extremely strong material. However, strong impacts can cause cracks and chips to form. When you find that your concrete products have these cracks and chips in them, you should act quickly to repair the damage. Luckily, it is possible to patch concrete without hiring a professional service. Most home improvement and hardware supply stores will sell concrete patch kits that contain a small amount of concrete that can be used to close chips and cracks. After you have applied this patch, you should allow the concrete at least a couple of days to dry and cure before applying the sealant otherwise you may inhibit the patch's ability to dry.

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