Using A Structural Polymer To Raise Sagging Concrete

Posted on: 25 July 2017

Concrete surfaces play an important role in the design and layout of many businesses today. Ensuring that these concrete slabs remain in good working condition is vital to the safety and aesthetic of your business. If you notice that your company's concrete slab has started to sag, raising up the sinking slab is critical if you want to prevent serious damage.

Here are three reasons you should consider structural polymer as a solution for raising your company's sagging concrete in the future.

1. Structural polymer is non-destructive.

If you want to preserve the integrity of your company's concrete slab, it can be beneficial to address only the areas of the slab that show signs of sagging. Traditional methods of slab lifting can require you to destroy portions of your concrete in order to access sagging areas.

When you make the choice to invest in structural polymer as a solution for your sagging concrete, you ensure that your repair method is as non-destructive as possible. Small holes are drilled into the sagging concrete, and a polymer solution is injected into these holes.

As the polymer cures, it will expand and raise the sagging concrete up from underneath. The small holes can easily be filled in to remove all evidence of the repair process.

2. Structural polymer is minimally invasive.

Your company likely cannot afford to shut down while repairs are made to your sagging concrete slabs. When you opt to utilize structural polymer to address concrete sagging, you can easily work around the repair process.

The application of structural polymer doesn't require access to heavy machinery or extensive materials. This means that repair crews will play a minimally invasive role in your company's work day as they strive to eliminate sagging concrete from your commercial space in the future.

3. Structural polymer is affordable.

Repairing your sagging concrete should be more affordable that ripping the slab out and replacing it with a new one. Some forms of slab lifting can become quite costly due to the time, materials, and equipment required to complete repairs.

Since the insertion of structural polymer to bolster sagging concrete can be completed quickly and without heavy machinery, the costs associated with structural polymer repairs are low. Opting to utilize structural polymer for your sagging concrete ensures that you will be able to retain access to a functional concrete slab while reducing repair costs.

When you are able to recognize the benefits structural polymer can provide your company, it's easy to see why structural polymer can offer a viable solution to raise your company's sagging concrete slabs in the future.


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