Four Warehouse Heating Tips

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Commercial heating is a big topic of discussion, due to the potential energy and money savings of improving a large building's heating system. For warehouses, especially, there are a lot of factors that will affect the success of a heating system. Here are five things to think about when designing and operating your building:

Use Efficient Building Materials

Efficient building materials are a must. Insulation, especially, can make a big difference. The warehouse is a large area, and heat will tend to rise and get trapped next to the ceiling. THat' means that ceiling insulation is especially important. It will trap that heat, which you can then recycle into the rest of your building. Since metal warehouses tend to lose a lot of heat because of their conductive materials, insulation is something that many owners have had to add over the years. 

Check Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows make a difference, too. The sealing of your windows is a part of good insulation. Ensure that your doors are as efficient as possible, since every second the door is open will affect your heating and cooling system. Don't make the mistake of using residential doors in your commercial space, because they are often less efficient. 

Consult a Commercial Heating Expert for Tips and Tricks

Remember when we mentioned, earlier, that heat trapped near the ceiling of a warehouse could be recycled? A commercial heating contractor will show you the tips and tricks to disperse that heat into your building elsewhere. Heat pumps or economizers are common options. They can move heat to a lower part of the building or to another room entirely. Another area where heat may build up is next to heavy machinery. Heat pumps could be used to move that heat to office spaces within the warehouse that aren't producing as much of their own heat. 

Invest in Your HVAC System Design

Efficient building design only goes so far if your commercial heating system isn't robust enough to keep your space warm when passive heating strategies fail. Let your commercial heating representative talk you through the ways that investing in a more powerful and efficient heating system will favor you over the next 20 years, as the upfront installation costs become a distant memory and the energy savings well outpace those initial investments. In short, it's important to speak with a smart heating strategist who can use multiple tactics to improve your building's heating system. 

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