Four Benefits Of A Drain System

Posted on: 2 January 2018

Do you have a yard that floods in the spring? Got a pond with ducks swimming on it, when you really do not actually have a pond on your property the rest of the year? Unfortunately, you are not alone. Many yards, especially those with softer soil and those in lower areas, tend to get flooded rather easily. Houses on islands also have this problem, since water levels usually rise in the spring, as the snow melts.

What you need is a good drainage system, like an ACO drain system. Nowadays, drain systems have been updated in ways that are as impressive as they are effective. Modular drain systems are an example of the way engineering and technology have changed the way property owners are able to create drier land around their homes. Here are some benefits of these modernized drain systems.

Drier Property in Spring

As much as you probably enjoy seeing ducks on your property every spring, you would probably prefer that they be waddling across and not swimming. Installing a trench drain helps your property channel all that water away, and leave just enough for the ducks to fish for pebbles and get a drink of water. If you install a completely underground trench drain, then the ducks can only eat the bread crumbs you throw, and then will waddle on. Still, it is a fair trade-off for being able to walk across your yard without having to put on rain boots or waders.

The Ability to Build up the Soil and Make the Yard More Level

Being able to make the entire property even and level across all of your land is a good idea. However, trying to add a lot of soil to your property to make it level when it is still being flooded with every downpour is not a good idea. Installing the trench drain first helps move water away from areas where all that fresh dirt you would want to add would otherwise wash away. With the excess water moved out of these areas, the new soil stays put and allows you to plant grass seed, flowers, trees (to hold the new soil in place and avoid erosion), and even bushes and shrubs.

Halt the Growth of Water Plants and Water Weeds

Not surprisingly, land on an island has a tendency to grow water weeds and water plants when a yard floods. There is not much that can destroy these plants during a wet season either. When your yard is finally dry because the trench drain has eliminated the flooding, the water plants cannot grow as high, and eventually they will give up altogether. You can hasten the process by pulling the water weeds and water plants.

An Underground System Keeps Soil From Becoming Oversaturated 

The biggest reason why your yard becomes a series of small ponds in spring is because the soil on your property becomes oversaturated. It is already too wet from thawing out, and then the rains cannot be absorbed by the already-saturated ground. Trench systems let the ground underneath them thaw, absorb water that is already present, and move all of the new rainwater off the top surface of the soil as the rainwater tries to sink downward.

In late spring, the soil is finally dry enough to tolerate a little extra rainwater, or even extra water from a sprinkler system. The trench system still manages the amount of water that is channeled away, but it does not typically have to handle an overflow again until late autumn or early spring. Meanwhile, you can build up the soil and level it to make your yard perfect.


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