Top Features To Look For When Buying A Gantry Crane For Your Mechanic Shop

Posted on: 10 May 2018

From hoisting new engines into place to picking up a disconnected vehicle body to make amendments to the frame, a gantry crane proves to be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment a mechanic can have in their shop. If you are in the market for a new overhead gantry crane for your mechanic shop, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different choices. Picking the best is all a matter of knowing what features you need to be looking for while you shop. Here is a short list of gantry crane features to jot down and take with you when you go to purchase your own unit. 

Phenolic Caster Wheels

Positioning the gantry crane in place easily will be a huge advantage in your shop. You will be able to seamlessly move the crane over whatever vehicle it is that you are working on. Look for a gantry crane that is outfitted with heavy phenolic caster wheels that can roll easily with minimal assertion on your part. While it is always recommended that moving the crane be done by more than one person, these larger wheels will make the job so easy that even one person could probably manage the task. 

Big-Name Manufactured

This feature often gets overlooked, but getting a gantry crane from a well-known manufacturer will likely give you a list of advantages in itself. By purchasing a crane from a well-known manufacturer, you will be more likely to get:

  • access to a range of accessories
  • replacement parts easily when they are needed
  • a lengthy warranty 

You may be able to save a lot of money by picking up an industrial gantry crane from a lower-end manufacturer, but it is well worth the extra money to spring from a name brand model instead. 

Engineered for Use with Power Hoists

Whether you believe you will be using a power hoist now or not with your gantry crane, it is best to go ahead and get a gantry crane that will work with a power hoist if you want it to. It is much less expensive to get a regular crane with manual hoist controls, and this may be all you want right now. However, if in the future you decide you do need a power hoist, you will not want to have to buy a whole new unit just to make it happen. Some gantry overhead cranes give you the versatility of working with either a power or manual hoist, and those are the better option. 


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