The Pros And Cons Of Fabricated Foam

Posted on: 25 June 2018

You want the items that you sell to your customers to arrive in perfect condition. If you have fragile items or items that may bounce around in a box, encasing them in foam can help keep them safe while being transported. There are two primary types of foam that can be shaped specifically for the items you are shipping, helping to keep them as secure as possible. These two types of foam are molded foam and fabricated foam. Learning the pros and cons of each option allows you to decide which may be better for you. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of fabricated foam. 

The Cons of Fabricated Foam

  • The Price

One of the downsides associated with fabricated foam is that fabricated foam typically costs more than molded foam. There are many factors that affect the price you will pay for your custom foam pieces and packaging. One of the key factors is the number of foam units you purchase. On average, the more foam pieces you purchase, the lower the price will be. But typically, if you are comparing the same number of molded foam and fabricated foam order numbers, the fabricated foam will be higher. 

  • The Durability 

The other disadvantage associated with fabricated foam is that fabricated foam is less durable than molded foam. Molded foam is typically stronger and more durable. It can be used over and over without having its integrity compromised. Fabricated foam is less durable and not as strong. It has a shorter lifespan and can take less abuse. 

The Pros of Fabricated Foam

  • The Design Can Change Easier

One of the benefits associated with fabricated foam is the design can change quickly and easily. Molds are used to create molded foam. If you want to make changes, you have to change the mold. Fabricated foam uses computer technology to create a design and then have a machine create the foam. If you need to alter the shape of your fabricated foam packaging, it's as simple as changing the dimensions on the computer. 

  • The Foam Make-Up Can Be Customized

The other advantage to fabricated foam is that the composition or make-up of the foam can be customized. You can use open cell foam, closed cell foam, acoustic foam or bonded foams. You have fewer foam options available to you when you select molded foam, which primarily uses only closed cell foams. 

Foam can be used in conjunction with custom boxes to help protect the items that you are having shipped to your customers. Taking the time to learn the pros and cons of fabricated foam can help you decide whether fabricated foam or molded form is the better option for the custom foam that is used in your packing materials. 

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