Tips For Selecting An Industrial Manufacturing Company For Your Metal Stamped Parts

Posted on: 6 August 2018

If you need to have custom precision metal parts stamped for your business and have never had to find an industrial manufacturer to partner with previously, then these tips will help you be successful in your quest.

Tip: Write Down the Specifics of Your Needs Before Contacting Metal Stamping Companies

When you approach metal stamping companies to get a quote to make your custom parts, you will need to know many things, including:

  • the number of parts you want to be made and how often
  • what size the finished parts will be
  • the material you want the parts made out of
  • whether or not you want any add-on processes such as painting or powder coating

In addition, most metal stampers will also offer additional services such as assembly and packaging. 

By having a clear understanding of what you need, then you can contact industrial manufacturing companies and start obtaining meaningful quotes for production.

Tip: Consider Both Your Current and Future Metal Stamping Needs

When you research stamping companies and start obtaining quotes, it's important to consider both your current needs as well as your business's potential future needs. For example, you may be making a custom coat hanger with stamped hooks, but in the future, you may be planning on adding a lighting line that will also need custom metal parts. Make sure the company you work with has the ability to scale up their production when you require it. Otherwise, you will be back to square one and looking for yet another manufacturer. 

Tip: Select an Industrial Manufacturing Company Who Uses Humans for Quality Control

While it is vital the metal stamping company you work with delivers your company's orders on time, it is even more important your parts arrive without any metal burrs or other defects. The only way to ensure perfect parts is to have each of them handled by a human being and checked with their senses of touch and vision. For this reason, you should only partner with a stamping company that uses human quality control, rather than one that uses only automated processes.

Tip: Select an Industrial Manufacturing Company with an Excellent OSHA Safety Rating

Finally, to ensure you are partnering with an industrial manufacturing company with a high-quality business treating its employees well, visit the OSHA website and check to make sure any company you consider working with has an excellent safety rating with them. 

For more information, contact a company like Precision Stamping.


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