Getting Cleanroom Cranes? What To Consider

Posted on: 7 June 2021

Cleanroom cranes are fantastic for retrieving objects in a pharmaceutical facility. They're uniquely suited for environments that must be clean, as their surfaces are finished with special coatings and they do not leave particles behind as they move. Think about considerations like those below as you're deciding which pharmaceutical cleanroom cranes to use in your own facility.

Examine Rooms

You'll have a better idea of what kind of cleanroom cranes you need when you've assessed the room or rooms where you'll be using them. Measure available height and width in rooms and look for any obstructions that could affect a crane, such as shelving or mounted ceiling lighting.

List Needs

Once you're aware of any restrictions related to the rooms where you'll use the cranes, start thinking about what you need the cranes to do. This will vary for every facility. You may need the cranes to lift objects over a certain number of pounds, or you might need the crane to extend a certain number of inches. You might want the cranes to travel across the room in a single overhead track or be able to go up and down and side to side. Cleanroom cranes offer many options so that you can customize the cranes to your facility's needs as much as possible.

Ask About Maintenance

Because you're operating in a pharmaceutical facility, you'll want to use pharma clean room cranes that won't contaminate the area. However, just like other machines, they will need to be cleaned and maintained over the years. Ask manufacturers about how to best clean the cranes so that you don't disrupt the special coating, for instance. You may be told to use specific cleaners or to clean in a certain way.

It's possible that different models require less maintenance than others; if that is an issue for you, find out more about which cranes need the least — and most — maintenance done over time.

Call Customer Service

Even if you haven't purchased the cranes just yet, it's smart to communicate with manufacturers now. Learning more about what customer service will look like when you're a customer could affect whether you choose one manufacturer over another. 

When interacting with customer service, you should also learn more about warranties, repairs, and other issues that are likely to occur after crane installation. Good post-sale service from cleanroom crane manufacturers and vendors is vital. Call a manufacturer for more information. 


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