Steps To Take When Working With A Metal Stamping Manufacturer For Custom Projects

Posted on: 14 September 2021

Metal stamping is a dynamic process that involves manipulating sheet metal in different ways using techniques like punching, bending, and cutting. You can work with manufacturers to get precision fabrication results. If you plan on having them complete custom projects in particular, take these steps.

Look for Precision Stamping 

There is a difference between regular metal stamping and precision metal stamping. The latter is able to provide more refined results, which is what you want to have a product at the end that works perfectly for its application. 

You should make sure you end up with a precision metal stamping manufacturer that has the ability to fabricate sheet metal the way you want, even if the pieces need to be very small and have a lot of details. Precision metal stamping can fulfill these technical and potentially more demanding custom projects without trouble. 

Have the Manufacturer Provide Plans for the Fabrication Types

In order to have complete faith in metal stamping for a custom project and better understand the potential costs involved, it helps to find out exactly what type of fabrication techniques will be used. You might have a custom project that requires punching and bending or maybe a mixture of embossing and flanging.

Custom metal stamping manufacturers can support them all, but you need to talk with them about which fabrications can give you the best product at the end. Having an idea about the fabrication types and quantity also is nice because it lets you have a better idea of a turnaround time. 

Make Sure the Quality Is Maintained After the First Couple of Samples 

A metal stamping manufacturer will usually make samples of products you're trying to create using sheet metal. They'll perform inspections on them, but you need to as well so that you can make sure component quality is maintained.

You want to confirm this before having a bunch of the same parts made from metal stamping services. If quality is confirmed based on how this component is being used in real-world applications, you know subsequent metal stamping from a manufacturer will work out.

Being able to work with a professional manufacturer when engaging in custom metal stamping is nice because they can get you what you want quickly while ensuring the right specs are provided. You just need to learn what it takes to have a smooth relationship with said manufacturer regardless of what's being stamped. 


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