The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Conveyor System For Your Business

Posted on: 11 March 2022

Conveyor systems can streamline the transportation of goods from one place to the other. If your business involves the movement of goods, a conveyor system is a system that can save you much money and time. When choosing a conveyor system, you must first decide whether you want a fixed or mobile conveyor system.

Mobile conveyor systems have some useful benefits when moving goods from one area to another.

Setup speed 

Fixed conveyors take a long time to set up. Mobile conveyors on the other hand, only take several hours to set up. If you need to get started moving products quickly then, and you wish to incorporate a conveyor system into the process, a mobile conveyor is an ideal solution.


Mobile conveyors are more versatile than fixed conveyors. Fixed conveyors have a specific purpose that is difficult to deviate from should the product-moving process require some creativity to solve an issue. But mobile conveyors allow you the flexibility to tweak the product moving process as you need.

You can add or remove modules from a mobile conveyor to suit the environment and product load. You can also use a mobile conveyor as an in-feed system or a system that feeds products into a loading area.


Mobility is useful if your business involves bringing products in and sending products out, such as a parcel delivery service. You may need to use your conveyor to bring products into your warehouse at certain times. At these times, you can move your mobile conveyor into position in the morning to receive incoming products. Later, you may then need to use your conveyor in a different department.

Having access to a mobile conveyor means that you can use your conveyor wherever you need it. And a mobile conveyor can easily slot into different floor plan layouts. Fixed conveyors don't move, so you won't have the freedom to use your conveyor system for multiple types of jobs.


At times when the workload is high, a mobile conveyor system can help to speed up the transportation of goods between departments and from conveyor to truck. But during times when demand is low, you might not need your conveyor system. At that time, with a mobile conveyor system, you can store your conveyor somewhere in a safe space.

If you want a flexible and fast way to speed up the movement of products through your warehouse or factory, choose a mobile conveyor system.

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